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Character & Leadership

Character & Leadership

Not only do we want our members to be educated and healthy, but we want to help them develop into passionate and caring individuals who can lead their peers to a better tomorrow.

The Club offers several programs to help ensure that we can achieve this mission.

Two programs that are main staples to this pillar of success include Torch Club and Keystone.  Torch Club, for elementary aged members, and Keystone, for our teens, focus on bettering their communities.  In each program the kids become the leaders.  They determine who will lead the group and what projects will be undertaken (with staff supervision).

When it comes to character development, we offer programs that help our members make choices that are best for themselves and those around them.  Utilizing the SMART programs offered by Boys & Girls Clubs of America, we are able to guide our members to learn how to be a positive influence to their peers, how to handle risky situations that they may find themselves in, and how to make the right choice regardless of what is going on.

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