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Frequently Asked Questions


How is the Boys & Girls Club so affordable?

Answer: The Boys & Girls Club is a non-profit organization that is operated by fundraising efforts within the community. Due to the generous donations of individuals and the funds raised at special events the B&GC is able to provide these affordable services.


What is the Check-In/Check-Out policy?

Answer: All clubs have a secure check-in location where the member scans his/her card upon arrival and departure. The Boys & Girls Club makes every effort to ensure that all members do not leave the facility. Each child has a list of people that are authorized to pick them up; any person not on that list will be prohibited from doing so. Youth 13 years and older are permitted to leave the Boys & Girls Club at his/her own leisure if parents allow. Once a child leaves for the day, they may not return until the next day.


What are the hours of operation?

Answer: We have four clubs with varying hours of operation. Generally, the Clubs are open weekdays after school and non-school days from 8am – 5pm. Clubs are also open in the morning and afternoon throughout the summer as well. Please note that Clubs close for Holidays and during severe weather. Please click on specific Unit page for more details on hours of operation for any of our locations.


Is your staff trained in CPR & First Aid?

Answer: The Boys & Girls Club has a very experienced and trained staff. Every year the staff is trained in CPR & First Aid


What is the typical staff to child ratio?

Answer: The Boys & Girls Club can get very busy, especially during the summer, but we make every effort not to exceed a child/staff ratio of 15:1. For field trips or any activity off of the grounds we maintain a child/staff ration of 8:1


What is your policy on cell phones and other electronics?

Answer: The Boys & Girls Club does not allow the use of personal electronic devices unless approved by a staff. If electronics must be brought to the club we ask that you leave them in your backpack or check them in at the front desk. If a cell phone must remain on the child, he/she must get permission before using it. The Boys & Girls Club is NOT responsible for the damage or loss of any personal property.


Is there a quiet time for children to do homework?

Answer: Every day after school each club will go quiet for homework time. All program areas are closed down and all staff members are available to help children with their homework. Children who do not have homework are encouraged to read or participate in a fun learning game/challenge with staff.


How old do you have to be to volunteer?

Answer: We require that an individual be at least 16 years of age to volunteer on a regular basis. However, youth under the age of 16 who require service hours may be permitted to volunteer.

Anyone 18 years and older will have many more opportunities to volunteer. A background check is required for anyone volunteering that is 18 years or older.


What ages of youth do you serve?

Answer: 6 – 17yrs


What ages are the majority of kids who attend the Boys & Girls Club?

Answer: A large majority of the youth that attend the B&GC are between 7-12 years old.Check with specific Unit Director to see how your older child can get involved in the Club!


Are scholarships available for those who cannot afford the membership fee?

Answer: Yes, the Club has scholarships available to any family who cannot afford the annual membership fee. To receive a scholarship you must fill out and submit a scholarship application and provided proof of income.


Does anyone get turned away or denied services?

Answer: No child will be denied services at the Boys & Girls Club.


Do you offer transportation?

Answer: Please contact a specific Unit to determine what each Club offers in terms of transportation to the Club from school.   Each Club varies in their transportation services.


What programs does the B&GC offer?

Answer: The B&GC offer a variety of programs after school and throughout the summer. Our programs are based off Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s research based curriculum and centers around 3 core areas of youth development: Academic Success, Character & Leadership, and Healthy Lifestyles. Some examples of program you will find at the B&GC are: Homework Help, Cooking, Torch Club (leadership), Arts & Crafts, Basketball, Flag Football, Golf, Tennis, Junior Science, Rocket Building and SMART Moves. Please click on specific Unit Page to learn more about what each Club is offering at the moment.
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