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Support Our Clubs

The cost for a family to sign-up their child each year is $65.00.  The actual yearly cost for the Club to run per child is $425.00.  Every year, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Washington County needs to raise almost $1 million to ensure that our Clubs stay open and can offer the high-quality experience we expect for each member.

Why We Give...

“I give because I see the need for the Club on a daily basis. Regardless of community, youth need somewhere safe to be after school. The Club is that option and we do so much more than just watch the kids.”
Maxwell Roy - Kewaskum Unit Director

"I give to hep the kids reach their full potential and have the best future possible. To see the kids grow and emerge into awesome people - getting to say I was a part of that is priceless!"
Bryanna Juers - West Bend Unit Director

"The Boys & Girls Club has been a part of my family for over 15 years.  We know the value that this organization brought to our community.  Thank you for the work that you do!"
Kimberly Stapelfeldt - Boys & Girls Club Board Member
What does it mean to be a Club Champion?

It means that you are supporting every child in Washington County who is in need of the Club. Being a Club Champion ensures that educational programs are delivered, that positive role models are hired as staff, that the safety of everyone is kept, that healthy food and snack are provided to all members, and that youth have a building to go to when they have no other option.

The youth of Washington County need those who can to be their Champions. It is without question that every child deserves a chance for a future. Our children deserve a safe and positive Club experience that will get them to that future!

Joint Our Family - Be A Club Champion
How can you help make a difference in the lives of youth?

1. Give to our Club Champions Annual Campaign.

2. Volunteer at any of our Club locations.

3. Donate gently or used equipment, clothes, supplies, and various materials from you home that could be put to good use at the Club.

Who we are
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Washington County has four Club sites in four different communities in Washington County and serves over 2,500+ youth annually. Communities with Club sites include Hartford, Jackson, Kewaskum, and West Bend. Our mission is to enable all youth people to realize their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. To do this we focus on three program areas which we believe will fulfill our mission.
$25.00 $50.00 $75.00 $100.00 Other Amount

Club Wish Lists

Each of our Clubs are so incredibly different that the needs of our Clubs vary.  Below you'll find links to each of our Units "Wish Lists".  Please consider donating these items to the Clubs if you happen to have the ability.  Thank you!

General Donations

Do you have anything at home your think could be of use to us here at the Club?  Looking for somewhere to donate an annual financial gift?

Whatever the case, we're open to anything you might be interesting in donating to the Clubs.  If you are considering the club for a donation of any kind, please give us a call and see if and how we can make the donation happen.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!
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