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Be A Club Champion - Donate

Because you donated...

Because of you our members are safe.  Our members have guidance.  Our members have fun!  Because of you, our members have a chance to better themselves and the community.

With your gift, you give a child a safe and positive place to be when no one else can be there.  Whether that's the child of the singe-parent who has to work, the child whose parents are just not home much, or the kid who wants to engage with other kids but doesn't feel comfortable doing it anywhere else.

Your gift allows us to not only provide a safe and positive place, but it allows us to give our members an experience that will  impact them in such a way that life becomes filled with experience and abilities to achieve success.

Why I Give...

"If it weren’t for donors, I would not get the opportunity to work with kiddos who brighten my day each and every day at work"
Danielle Huray - Former Unit Director

"I gave because I want to see the youth grow responsibly and gain a sense of worth and empowerment."
Sean Murphy - Jackson Program Staff

"I gave because I believe in every kid who walks in our doors"
Emily Perszyk - Hartford Program Staff

"The Boys & Girls Club has been a part of my family for over 15 years.  We know the value that this organization brought to our community.  Thank you for the work that you do!"
Kimberly Stapelfeldt - Boys & Girls Club Board Member

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